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Company Based Membership

All MAC Members receive the following valuable benefits:

  • Dedicated doctors, highly professional staff, and seasoned consultants to ensure strong advocacy and prompt answers to your questions
  • Aggressive legal and legislative committees - fighting for full and open access to chiropractic for all patients, and fair reimbursement for your services
  • Opportunity to join MichiCare, the chiropractic network developed exclusively by MAC members, for MAC members
  • Free/discounted rates for high-quality conventions, seminars, and webinars
  • Valuable legal consultations on a variety of issues
  • Effective public relations initiatives to put you in the public spotlight, including member-only health screening events, MyMACWellness, and Worksafe
  • District meetings, annual meetings, social networking, and many other professional growth opportunities
  • Exclusive member-only information featuring valuable practice building and insurance tips
  • Educational publications covering current hot topics
  • Special pricing on a broad array of vendor products and services
  • Find-a-Doc listing on website
  • Free/discounted rates on classified ads
  • Highly tax-deductible dues
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